Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt)

...the duo Scholz-Persson revealed themselves to be a magnificent discovery: the Kontarsky brothers´ legitimate heirs. Phenomenal technique, unbelivable concentration and presence in their ensemble play, rapturous tonal sensitivity. Once again there are avant-garde concerts to attend.

Svenska Dagbladet (Stockholm)

Kristine Scholz and Mats Persson belong to the most prominent personalities in swedish musical life. Musically versatile, but also perfectionistic. Each time one listens to this duo senses that one is hearing the absolutely essential events in new music.

Sydsvenska Dagbladet (Malmö)

Above all it must be said that their authority as interpreters of contemporary music is complete. They command their expressive means perfectly and with unyielding concentration. The main work remained: parts of Messiaen´s Visions de l´Amen, splendid music magnificently performed, quite simply a peerless achievment.

Der Tagesspiegel (Berlin)

...by means of superior technique, such unbelievably precise interplay, such sensuous tone! These two should be engaged again at once!

Dagbladet (Oslo)

The Stravinsky performance (The Rite of Spring) especially must be regarded as a pianistic and musical achievment on a level which we seldom experience during the course of a concert season.

L´Unità (Rome)

Pianists Mats Persson and Kristine Scholz are sensitive artists of the highest conceivable caliber.

La Repubblica (Milan)

The high-class performances, based on great technical experience and a perfect interplay, evoked effects of rare beauty...