Kristine Scholz & Mats Persson

KRISTINE SCHOLZ and MATS PERSSON can soon celebrate their 40th
anniversary as a piano duo. They began their joint career in 1969 while both were
studying under Aloys Kontarsky at the college of Music in Cologne.
In 1972 they chose a future as free-lance musicians in Sweden, in part as members of
the internationally active avant-garde group called Harpans Kraft making tours in
western Europe, the USA and Canada, and in part as a duo focusing on new music
and often appearing at festivals like
-Nuova Consonanza in Rome
-Cantiere Internazionale d’arte in Montepulciano, Inventionen
-Positionen der Moderne, Stationen der musikalischen Moderne and Kunstfest
Kulturforum in Berlin
-Wittener Tage für neue Musik
-Pro Musica Nova in Bremen
-ISCM festivals Athens and Stockholm
-Ultima festival in Oslo

Many composers have written specifically for the two, including Aldo Clementi,
Friedhelm Döhl, Dror Feiler, Johannes Fritsch, Erhard Grosskopf, Hans-Joachim
Hespos, Luca Lombardi, Chris Newman, Christian Wolff and Zoltán Jeney.

The duo did pioneering work for John Cage, Erik Satie and the russian avant-garde,
performing their works before they were generally played. They have also focused on
such individualistic pioneers as Ivan Wyschnegradsky, J.M.Hauer and the
remarkable, Swedish contrapuntist Claude Loyola Allgén.
By now the entire duet production of Aldo Clementi, Morton Feldman, Erik Satie and
Christian Wolff are parts of the repertoire. Classical composers have also joined the
list, including works by Busoni, Debussy, Liszt, Schönberg, Stravinsky and ’Die
Kunst der Fuge’ by J.S.Bach.

Kristine Scholz was born in Wüstebrise, Schlesien. She studied piano and chamber
music in Hamburg (1964-68) and in Cologne (1969-72). Her teachers include Eckart
Besch, Konrad Richter, Wilhelm Hecker and Aloys Kontarsky.

Mats Persson was born in 1943 in Sandviken. He studied piano with Greta Erikson
and modern ensemble playing with Siegfried Naumann at the Royal College of Music
in Stockholm (1964-69). Between 1969-72 he studied piano with Aloys Kontarsky at
the College of Music in Cologne. Mats Persson also works as a composer.